We will help you neutralise unhelpful thoughts, emotions and tension in a specific situation. Experience more self-confidence, better sleep and peace of mind to achieve your goal. 


Find internal cause & triggers

We will look at the internal cause and find which triggers activate your fear of failure in a specific situation


Then we will neutralise the triggers connected to your fear of failure in a specific situation


In this phase we will stabilise your fear of failure and prevent you from falling back into old patterns

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Manage your fear

Manage unhelpful thoughts & emotions

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What our clients say!

Jorinde Gommans

Mindfulness Trainer

''I had an EFT session with Rachel regarding a specific situation in my work practice. At the beginning I experienced a lot of emotion around this situation. During the session this became less and less and space was created to look at the situation from a different perspective; a perspective in which trust prevails instead of fear and I was able to keep in touch with my own wishes & needs. I experienced Rachel as a very friendly and knowledgeable coach. She listens well and asks the right questions. I had the feeling that she understood my situation well and could translate this sharply into the EFT session. Her calm and relaxed appearance makes you feel that everything is allowed. Thank you Rachel. It was a very valuable session!''.

''I met Rachel at a retreat in France. During my EFT session we worked on what it does to me when customers or employees are dishonest. The practical application of EFT with the right choice of words allowed me to neutralise my emotions about dishonesty of others. And also I was able to treat the origin of my emotions. Since then, I can handle these kind of confrontations much better and I am able to stay close to myself. EFT is functional, effective and fun to work with. I recommend it to everyone''.

Jan Olsthoorn


Carola Van den Berg


"Last week I had an online session with Rachel. You can even feel her warmth and genuine interest through a screen. What a pleasant conversation it was. Her open and spontaneous attitude makes you feel at ease straight away and you feel you can open up easily. Rachel knows how to  explain things in a clear way and what she can do for you with EFT. I am really looking forward to our next session."

''Rachel is committed and professional. She helped me to make decisions in business and this helped me a lot. I highly recommended her, if you are looking for someone who is genuine!''.

Mark den Dubbelden


Welmoet de Graaf

Graphic designer

"I treated a stressful work situation with Rachel. By "tapping" with EFT, more and more tension disappeared from my body. Rachel found the right words to guide me. After the session all the tension was gone, not nearly, but completely."

''Rachel has the gift to instantly create a safe space to speak and share things. Warm, gentle, loving, but also always knows how to ask exactly the right questions to get to the core. After each conversation with Rachel I have a new insight, where it feels like I did it myself. It's so nice to learn this way. You can feel that she does this with all her heart and that makes every meeting special.''

Anna Lucia Bos

Yoga Teacher

Majella Loef

Procesmanager group coaching & masterminds

"I worked together with Rachel online for a very specific problem. My body was physically blocked after breaking my foot. I quickly learned that this was related to blocks on an emotional level. I was stunned by the quick results. I find the effect of EFT really powerful, but also friendly. I never expected it to dissolve more blocks on a deeper level. After experiencing EFT the first time, I was convinced straight away and recommend everyone to experience this method for themselves."

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