Hi I am Rachel!

I’m a former HR Manager, trainer turned entrepreneur who loves few things more than a good hug, hopping on a flight to anywhere, and teaching people like you how to let go of the fear of failure and live a fun an abundant life.

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3 years ago..

It’s still crazy to realise that I quit my job 3 years ago and set off to travel the World not knowing at the time that when I came back all the puzzle pieces would fall into place and I was able to turn my passion into a successful business.

What I’ve discovered from coaching Millennials in overcoming their fear of failure, is that they all want to create a life of (inner) freedom, find a way to be themselves without worrying what others think and have the courage to step out of their comfort zone to follow their own calling.

It’s like taking off masks that you’ve collected along the way to find out what’s underneath. As much as I love being a nerd and talking endlessly about how to overcome fear, what get’s you up in the morning and teach you how to enhance your communication skills with others whilst staying true to yourself, that would only be half the story..

That’s because staying true to yourself is an inside job!

I’ve learned that your answers to a few important questions will say a lot about how much success and happiness you’ll be able to create in your life. Questions like…

  • What’s your mindset on how you see yourself?
  • What limiting beliefs or insecurities have been following you around your whole life?
  • Which patterns did you inherit from your family that might now be holding you back?
  • What is your biggest fear and since when have you been carrying this fear with you?

See, my job is to lead you back to yourself and to help you overcome your fear of failure. 

I believe the best way to be yourself, boost your self-confidence and stretch your comfort zone is to start from the inside out, meaning, the more work you do to reprogram the ineffective beliefs and stories you adopted in your early years, the more success and joy you’ll feel as a human.  

If you don’t mind diving in deep within yourself to figure out what it is that’s holding you back and you’re open to learning effective ways during 1 on 1 (online) coaching on how to overcome the fear of failure yourself, then you’ll feel right at home here!

Also you will find blogs covering topics related to overcoming fear of failure, anxiety, communication skills, how to stay true to yourself and tons of self-help tips to help you be your confident self and stay in the drivers seat. 

My journey..

So where did it all begin?

I believe that life is too short not to be yourself and do more of what makes you happy. That is why you will often find me hopping on a flight to anywhere together with my husband Jasper, connecting with friends and visiting my family in the UK. 
I’m an optimist, down to earth but also have a spiritual side, love a good sense of humor and connecting with other people. But that hasn’t always been the case. 
Before I became an entrepreneur I worked as an HR Manager. I was so unhappy with myself at the time and suffered from anxiety and the fear of failure. My job required me to set boundaries, and handle confrontations on a daily basis. At the time, that was way out of my comfort zone!
I woke up emotional, anxious and insecure almost everyday and felt that everyone could see right through me should I make a mistake or say something stupid. I was wearing a big mask of fear! 
But I kept telling myself not to make such a big deal out of things, just adapt and stop being so difficult. I felt so disconnected from myself and thought people would dislike me if I would be myself.
Finally, I realised enough was enough and it was time to start finding a solution. Best decision I’ve ever made.
As a result, I not only solved my own problem, but now I can also help people like you!
I decided to quit my job and planned a six-month sabbatical to  disconnect from my environment.

Looking back now, I see this as “My Cocoon Phase”, where I made more progress than ever by letting go of the masks I had worn for years.
I worked on new ways to heal myself, after obtaining my Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources a few years back, I decided to follow various courses to become an EFT, NLP, Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner and followed a Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand. I learned how to develop my self-confidence and how to break through limiting beliefs and patterns that were keeping me stuck and small. 
The method I have developed for you has helped me to overcome my fear of failure and become “myself” again!

''Now I'm able to help others like you how to overcome your fear of failure ''.

Stop living in fear. Start living the life you deserve.

Interested to learn more how I can help you?