How to overcome your fear of blushing

Do you want to know what you can do to overcome your fear of blushing?

The fear of blushing is part of social anxiety and mainly has to do with what other people think or may think of you.

Luckily, you are not the only one with fear of blushing! More than 10 percent of people between 15 and 60 years old suffer from fear of blushing. Most people don’t mind this and accept that they occasionally turn red in situations. It only becomes more annoying or frustrating when you have an opinion about having to blush in public and hence also about yourself. When you try to suppress your fear of blushing, often, all kinds of thoughts can pop up in your mind about what others might think of you, “Now, they see me turning red again, and they’re probably thinking that I’m stupid or weird”. “Everyone can see that I’m nervous, how awful,” “If I start blushing during that important conversation, that would be so embarrassing.”

When experiencing the fear of blushing you may suddenly feel short of breath. Often the fear of blushing arises when you are being watched or when others are giving you their attention. When you are in a group or when having to deliver a performance.

Often fear of blushing goes hand in hand with social anxiety and the fear of failure. The fear of making mistakes or failing in front of others. And also, the fear of criticism or rejection. Fear of blushing can have various causes. Maybe you were embarrassed once in the past and you didn’t know what to do, but you did turn red and started blushing from that moment onwards. Or it could be that you were laughed at in front of the classroom, or you were unable to answer a question in front of a group. Whatever it is, often these memories can settle in your mind, causing the fear of blushing to increase. Unfortunately, suppressing your fear of blushing is not an option. The harder you try to do this, the faster you’re blushing will appear.

To discover what to do to overcome your fear of blushing, it starts with identifying your triggers and the cause of your fear of blushing. This way, you can start creating acceptance and work on overcoming your fear of blushing. By working with the method we developed, we can help you neutralize your fear of blushing in a specific situation. This method helps you to release tension and look at the same situation without any fear and see things in a neutral and clear way. Our method helps you to learn how you can relax and keep in control during times when your fear of blushing normally arises.

Luckily, there is something you can do to overcome your fear of blushing! Would you like to know what you can do right away? Start today, and download your 3 free tips via the link below.